Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deeply In Love-Love Poems


I like you you like me
When I looked into your eye's you looked into mine's
You are beautiful and sexy as hell
I love you I know you love me too

When I walk by we always stare at each other
I want you and you want me
I need you need me too
If you were in my life I would be so happy

Every time I see you I always get a powerful feeling deep inside
I'm deeply in love with you
I love you forever so much
I will always be there for you in every location

I love looking into your pretty eye's
I always think of your beautiful face in my mine
I've been wanting to tell you how I feel and I know you have been too
I know I would never regret fucking you

I've been wanting to feel your kiss as smooth as honey
I always see your beautiful face in my dreams
Everyday I always think of you
I'm deeply in love with you.

By : Davon Montgomery


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